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CovidFacts was conceptualized during the second wave of Covid-19 which spread across the world in March 2021. The speed with which the virus was spread across was unprecendented and soon every healthcare facility was full of patients and covid related resources were running out. Covid Facts was designed to help everyone search for hospital beds, remdesivir, covid related medicines, oxygen cylinders, refilling services and ambulance in their locality.

The user interface was kept very simple that people can simply enter their district and select the desired covid related information and then they can either search for service provider or add themselves as the provider. Some people also volunteered to donate blood plasma through our website. We kept updated list of state-wise distributors list of Tocilizumab and other Covid medicines.

We also tied up with leading lab testing providers for easy online booking of covid related tests. Many volunteers came forward to help up in the mission of providing help to anyone in need. The website was used by lakhs of people during the pandemic and was covered in leading media.

While many people were coming forward to help us fight the battle, some people also tried to sabotage the efforts by entering fake data claiming to be covid related help. Eventually we removed them by adding otp based validation by the help of some Govt. officials. We are committed to helping our nation whenever needed and will again join our hands whenever needed.

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